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Best Books Of 2020

Hello! I am Max and I will be manufacturing the last article which is called "Best Books Of 2020" in this end of the year series today! If you have not read the previous two articles in this series, I will link them down below: Worst Books Of 2020Most Anticipated Books Of 2021 There are seven books… Continue reading Best Books Of 2020

Book Review

Rodham By Curtis Sittenfeld | Book Review

Hello Everyone! I am Max and I will be manufacturing a book review for a book christened Rodham By Curtis Sittenfeld today. Before we dive into the review section of this article, I would like to thank Times Reads for sending a copy of this novel to me! So, without further ado, let us get… Continue reading Rodham By Curtis Sittenfeld | Book Review

Bookish Fun!

Most Anticipated Books Of 2021

Hello everyone! I am Max and happy new year to all of you! I hope in 2021 the current pandemic will come to an end and this year will be better than the atrocities that came about last year (although an abundance of messed up things had already occurred in early January, we have to… Continue reading Most Anticipated Books Of 2021