Rating Scale

*Below will be the ultimate review guide on how I review books:*

90%~100%: Perfect! The book has all the elements: Exciting, Thrilling, Funny, Crazy, etc. I loved it and I will shove the book in people’s face to force them to read the book!

80%~89%: The book has a great combination of elements! Beautiful writing style, lovable characters, etc. It wraps up very well and everything about it makes me recommend the book to human beings and extraterrestrials! 

60%~79%: The book has its flaws but the story is still great and truly remarkable! It has some great characters and If it is a series, I will continue to read the next book in line. (I will recommend it to everyone on earth as well!)

50%~59%: Not my favourite book of all time. It’s either the pacing is slow in the beginning or the story goes downhill in the end. If it’s a series, I will probably read the next book. But, most likely not.

40%~49%: I did not like the book. Because a) Boring story, b) Unlikable Characters, c) Plot holes. I will not recommend it to anyone. 

0%~39%: I dislike the book, like a ton! It frustrated me and it bored me to tears. Other people might enjoy the book, but I will not recommend the book to anyone.

DNF: It stands for Did-Not-Finish.