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Hey Guys! It’s Max here and I am enthusiastically unveiling to all of you that I have been reading the ‘Harry Potter’ series since the last week or so and unfortunately, I did not blog my experience while reading the first 4 novels because I was too immersed in the world that J.K Rowling had created. Therefore, I have decided to blog my experience for the fifth book which is the long-drawn novel in the whole series and I am not bemoaning, just felicitous that it is profuse. 

By the way, the edition that I am having it’s the old UK hardback which contains 766 pages and I have no idea what this book is about and I cannot remember watching the movie for this novel either. However, I heard that Umbridge (no idea who that is) is in here and she’s unpleasant… Well, let’s see if I will be apoplectic with rage or not if I encounter her character.

By the way, I am blogging my experience for this novel so this provision will be spoiler filled.

So, without further ado, let us get started!


(Monday 26/22/2018)

I am freeing up the novel now and the story inaugurates at Page 7 which is Chapter One. So, I will just leave and read. I will refresh you all when I attain up to Page 50 or if I have seen anything interesting, I will let you guys know! Oh my gosh, I am so excited. Ok, I am going to read now, Byeee!


Oh Hi, I am back! I am currently at Page 32 and I am at the part where the Dudleys’ are screaming at Harry for what the Dementors had done to their son. Harry received a letter from the Ministry of Magic through the Owl Post and it announced that Harry is to be ousted from Hogwarts and the wand is to be terminated. Of course, Dumbledore had learned about it and is advocating to forbear Harry and Mrs Figgs which we had heeded her in Chapter One is apparently a Squib.

If anyone knows what a Squib is, please comment down in the comment section below as I would like to know because I am extremely confused.

By the way, Harry’s teenage angst is really top notch and I thought it was done ideally and is exemplified in a way that most teenagers do. So, a thumbs-up to Ms Rowling for speculating and composing about it! 

I will retire to my book now. I will update you guys in a short while.


Percy Weasley has gone rogue. I am pretty much appalled by his disgusting behaviour towards his own father. Never would I thought that a person, who would want to secure his place in the Ministry would turn traitor to his own family. I am just… Mind-Blown. 

Here is a list of things that he said:

  1. The reason why they are poor
  2. His father has a lousy reputation
  3. His father doesn’t have any ambition
  4. Calling his dad an idiot for working with Dumbledore
  5. Does not believe that Lord Voldemort is back

He also tried to spy of the family and spill The Order Of The Phoenix which is an organization made to repel Lord Voldemort wrath and demolition, secrets. 

Also, his attitude towards his parents:

‘Mum’s been in a right state,’ said Ron dully. ‘You know – crying and stuff. She came up to London to try and talk to Percy but he slammed the door in her face. I dunno what he does when he meets dad at work – ignores him, I s’pose.’

Wow, I am only at Page 71 and the plot is quickly escalating and everything just felt so right. But still, I did not know that Percy would become such a bitch to his own family. I hope he sees the light soon.


I am currently on Page 98 and I figured I would have to halt here and do some exercises- such as riding my bike, out in this remarkably sultry evening to keep my body salubrious. 

Just to let you know how I am currently feeling for the novel, I felt it was very political and Dumbledore has a way of turning the scenario around and made it suit his way. The Ministry of Magic basically spread lies about Dumbledore and his name is apparently, dirt now. Therefore, he has to prevent the Death Eaters from regrouping in private to avoid the Ministry of Magic to throw him into Azkaban.

Furthermore, Dumbledore is pretty much eschewed in the mystic world due to Fudge, who wants to guard his status just like Percy, and continuously refuse to consider that Voldemort is back due to his cowardice. In addition to his behaviour, he is such a power-hungry person. Ugh, he is so depraved. 


I just received a novel called ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ By Dale Carnegie in the mail and I bought it from Book Depository. I found out that the very first page of the novel is Page 7. The catalogue isn’t even there. So, I would like to ask you guys if your copy of the book is the same? Because I am curious. Do help a brother out, thank you.


How did the ardour – the passion that I was having earlier just fizzles out now? I have still adhered at Page 98 and to neglect the perception of how undedicated I was, I am going to recapitulate reading the Order Of The Phoenix and I am proposing on completing the book up to Page 200 today.

So, with that in mind, I will continue to read the novel now! As to what I have said in those prior segments, I will be notifying you all when I attain up to another page 50 or if I have discerned anything remotely significant or something that shimmers my skin with ferocity.

So, as for now, I will be leaving you guys yet again to read the book.

(Tuesday 27/11/2018)

How inert can I person be? Like bitch, that’s me because I literally did nothing prolific in the 2 hours of the precious time of my waking except for watching videos and eating. Well, to update you guys, I am currently on Page 180 and we met this rather odd character called Luna Lovehard on the train to Hogwarts and she is … uh weird.

Also, I think Harry’s jealousy towards Ron for being Hogwarts’ Prefect needs to cease for a while because it is indirectly affecting the soul of my being. For example, making me jealous for Harry as well (I know it sounds Ridikkulus).

Oh, and that extremely emotional scene where Mrs Weasley found the Boggart and saw everyone dying. Wow, I felt goosebumps on my skin like what the heck man. Well, I hope everything goes alright even though I know it is absurd as Lord Voldemort fancies demolishing lives.


I just encountered this passage on Page 223 and I am dying with laughter:

‘Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?’

‘Yes,’ said Harry.

‘You called her a liar?’ 


‘You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?’


Professor Mcgonagall sat down behind her desk, watching Harry closely. Then she said, ‘Have a biscuit, Potter.’

Justly, I do not know how I feel about Umbridge but she is a little vexatious to my taste. She is coaching the Defence of the Dark Arts lessons without conducting or implementing a precedent for the students on how to defend themselves if dangers arrive at their doorsteps. She, who works with Cornelius Fudge does not believe that the Dark Lord is back and the Ministry of Magic place her at Hogwarts so that they could interfere with whatever is going on in the school and supposedly ‘kick’ Dumbledore out of it.

Also, what the heck Harry? His temper keeps swelling up and it kind of pestered me but I presumed it was logical because he is 15 and hormones are circumnavigating all around his body so… I guess it’s distinct? But it just disturbs me a little because Hermione and Ron did not even do anything that would provoke his inner rage to incense.


I have been reading, of course, and I am currently on Page 312. Wow, so much had transpired.

First and foremost, Umbridge is a dysfunctional lump of debris. She punishes Harry for telling the truth and her instrument for the punishment draws blood from Harry’s veins and leaves scratches or scars on his arm. In addition, her useless class continues to be ineffective and it gradually causes Hermione to start a secret campaign for them to study Defense against the dark arts with their wands without letting that disgusting bloke knows. 

Secondly, Percy’s revolting letter that was conveyed to Ron through the Owl Post. He, whose loyalty lies with the Ministry, recommends Ron to ‘sever his ties’ due to his ‘violent acts’ which I thought Percy might be blinded by his place in the Ministry because he was always fond of Harry and just the mere statement of him concluding on his misguided beliefs baffles me.

Lastly, I thought Snape was a little kinder towards Harry in this book although I should not judge now, I really think Snape is better than Umbridge. That incompetent bloke that abuses Oxygen. 

Now I get why everyone loathes that unavailing shit. Well, I am going back to my burrow to read. Bye!


It has been a few hours and I am currently on Page 413. Also, I am really starting to fall for this book series all over again. With Harry’s teenage angst aside, it gives me the reasons and the facts on why I actually love this series in the first place.

Again, a plethora of things had transpired since the last time I updated you all:

First of all, Cho Chang kissed Harry. I was not expecting that scene to be honest. I thought it would be Ginny or Hermione that fancies Harry as their partner. But, no? My brain is going haywire, don’t mind me.

Umbridge proceeds to be an evil bitch. No wonderment there. Well, she had prohibited Professor Trelawney station and envisioned that she will be ingesting the same route for Hagrid as she, a close-minded old hag, despises half-breeds. 

The Dumbledore’s Army recommences to operate and Harry recapitulates to guide them as the teacher. According to the story, they are doing pretty well but I abhor the guy that always goes against Harry and make snarky remarks about the way his teaches. Like stupid arsehole, if you have a problem, please leave.

Harry has this vision or dream and he heeds a snake tailing towards Mr Weasley and wounds him severely and if I am not miscataloged, the vermin is Nagiri: Voldemort’s pet. I am a little disheartened by this as it is unexpected. I hope Mr Weasley lives.

Well, I am going back to reading. Good Bye!

(Thursday 29/22/2018)

Hey there! I am back!

As you can discern, I did not update any of you yesterday because of my irresponsibility and also, due to the fact that I wanted to kind of concentrate on the content of the novel. Well, I think this will be the last update as I had successfully completed reading the novel yesterday! I am pretty proud of myself for finishing that gargantuan book in three days and if you could not have guessed it, I am currently reading the next book: The Half-Blood Prince and I am on Page 205.

Onto the update:

Sirius died. Let that sink in.

I was extremely agitated to read about his departure and honestly, did not presume J.K Rowling to procure such act. The path that she had selected oppressed me as Sirius was Harry’s only family left and now, all of that was taken away from him. 

Fudge finally deduced that Voldemort is back as he had seen him with his unornamented eyes due to Voldemort’s arrival at the Ministry of Magic. To no one’s surprise, he was canned from the Ministry of Magic from being the Minister for carpeting the fact of Voldemort’s return due to his pusillanimity.

Umbridge was the one who commissioned the Dementors after Harry so that he would be annihilated or at least, ousted from the wizarding world and she was hauled off shortly after the Minister was being sacked from his position.

Harry gathered what Voldemort wanted: The Prophecy and understood the meaning behind the prophecy:

‘Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives’ 

which means that either Harry or Voldemort is going to survive the war that wages between them.

He found out why he was left at the care of the Dudleys. It was because Harry’s mother had placed old magic that runs in the blood of her family and as long as Harry is close to Aunt Petunia, the safer he is as she is the only blood relative to Harry’s mother. 

Well, my final rating for this novel would be: 98% as I had trouble with some of Harry’s teenage angst but nevertheless, it was a great novel!

This is the end of the book ‘vlog’ for ‘READING HARRY POTTER FOR THE FIRST TIME | THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX I hope you all enjoyed it and follow me with your email/Wordpress account to get notifications when I post a new article! Bye!


  1. A squib is a magical person who does not or cannot adhere magic. For example, Filch is a well known squib in the series, and he is super bitter about it. It bothers him that kids are running around wielding magic while he cannot. It is also rumored for a long time that Petunia might be a squib, and that is what really fueled her hatred and distaste for her sister Lily (and her family/friends). I can’t remember what book it was, I want to guess Chamber of Secrets, but Harry is in Filch’s office and finds a pamphlet talking about squibs in his desk. I think he asks Ron or Fred and George what that means. All I know is that in one of the books, squib is explained, I just cannot recall which one it was in.

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  2. Hello! I’m so excited for you to read Harry Potter! It is my favorite series, and I am glad you’re enjoying it so far! 🙂

    (Also, fun fact about Sirius’s death: J.K. Rowling almost killed Ron instead, because she was going through depression when she wrote part of the book)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yikes!!!! So glad for you! This is my all time favourite series for a hundred million reasons! I’ve been a potterhead for a long time (tho the only one who doesn’t have ang physical book I think. 😭) and it makes me feel so happy to see someone who’s enjoying the series as much as I do. Yikes! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy, it’s quickly becoming one of my all time favs! I cannot remember giving a series this long all five stars on Goodreads! // I do not own the books as well, these books are my friend mother’s. I hope I can buy the physical copies one day😭

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  4. “Umbridge is a dysfunctional lump of debris.” That may be one of my favorite descriptions of Umbridge. She is definitely the most despicable character in the entire series. I have been a hardcore Potterhead for most of my life and love to see people pulled in as I have been. It is an amazing series. And everybody should read it in their life. I will be following your posts!

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  5. I was in the same boat finishing the series about a week ago!! I was nowere near as thorough as you (I got too trapped in the world to bother writing as soon as I finished the book simply picking up the next book whoops). His fifth year was definatly not my favorite but you did bring a lot of the good parts back!

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  6. I had fun seeing your responses to the book. It’s been years since I read the series, but my two youngest daughters have read it several times over. It was great fun for us to be immersed in the Rowling world, especially during a time of family upheaval, and that may be why the series is so dear to us…it saved us from a bleak reality. Now that things are back to normal, we’re still Potter fans. You’ve got to love the originality of the series–a boy living under a cupboard to discover he’s a wizard and there’s an entire parallel realm open to him. Amazing work. Thanks for rekindling that sense of adventure in your blog!

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