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Midwinterblood By Marcus Sedgwick || Book Review

Hey Guys! It is Max here and I will be doing a book review for ‘Midwinterblood’ by Marcus Sedgwick today. Marcus Sedgwick is the author of many books, for example, The Ghosts Of Heaven (which is a great book and I have a full review on it on my blog, so check it out if you are interested!), Revolver, She Is Not Invisible, etc. The books that I have read from Marcus were fantastic and I cannot wait to gobble up more of them! 

Besides of gushing about my love for Marcus Sedgwick’s books, let us move on to the little summary that I am going to make for this book! 

Midwinterblood is a very hard book to be classified in any of the genre other than Young Adult. So, Young Adult it is. There are 8 parts to the story in this book and everything links through each story with both of these people whose lives are drastically sad. 

So, without further ado, let us get into the book review!


This is a spoiler-free review and all thoughts and opinions are on my own!*

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“If a life can be ruined in a single moment, a moment of betrayal, or violence, or ill luck, then why can a life not also be saved, be worth living, be made, by just a few pure moments of perfection?”- Midwinterblood, Marcus Sedgwick.


Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve lived another life? Been somewhere that has felt totally familiar, even though you’ve never been there before, or felt that you know someone well, even though you are meeting them for the first time? It happens. 

In a novel comprising seven parts, each influenced by a moon – the flower moon, the harvest moon, the hunter’s moon, the blood moon – this is the story of Eric and Merle whose souls have been searching for each other since their untimely parting.

My thoughts: Introduction

“And none of you stand so tall, a pink moon gonna get you all.”- Midwinterblood, Marcus Sedgwick.

Let us start off with the pacing of this book. The pacing for this book was quick to the core and everything happened as fast as a rabbit. It was a book that did not go wrong with fast pacing and the actions were taken down rapidly. It took me a two days to finish this book due to the fact that I cannot put this book down without thinking of what will happen next or what is going to happen to the characters. Therefore, this book made me think and the pacing was fantastic! 

Moving on, the world-building for this book was absolutely stunning. It revolved around an island that evolved throughout the centuries and I, personally, think that the island was very well described with different types of seasons and different types of moons and therefore, led to a great world-building.

In addition, the atmosphere for this book was very mysterious. It had a very chilling atmosphere that will make you think of how all of these plots are going to end or wrap-up in the end. Thus, it had an atmosphere with a chilling and mysterious atmosphere. (P.S: The story ends in the least expected way!) 

Furthermore, the tone for this book was very heavy with topics that were not normally exaggerated or discussed in a novel and I am definitely glad that Marcus Sedgwick took this chance to write it in his book and I would also like to shout out the fact that this book is only length 264 pages and the topics it had given was heavy therefore, I liked the tone of the book!

Finally, the relationships between the characters felt very real and their actions were very realistic and they were what we would do in the real world when those actions in the book were described to us and therefore, I loved the chemistry between Eric and Melle.

Now, let us move into the writing section of the review!


“He wonders if a few moments of utter and total joy can be worth a lifetime of struggle.

Maybe, he thinks. Maybe, if they’re the right moments.”- Midwinterblood, Marcus Sedgwick.

Marcus Sedgwick had a very odd writing style for this book. The writing style for this book was clean, articulate and crisp. Everything was described and presented very well in this book and none of the details that were put out in the book were left with no answers. Therefore, an articulate and crisp writing style.

For the mentioning of clean writing style, I meant to say that there were not any sexual contents or the mention of it in this book which makes it a suitable book for children and adults, of course, to read. 

Moving on, I found Marcus Sedgwick’s storytelling to be very unique. He unfolded the story with an introduction that sucked the readers in and left them there until the end of the book while the readers were frantically holding their breath to trade for the knowledge of what is to happen next. He had also splitted the story into 8 parts which was a clever idea because he hid things up nicely until that ending which will make your mind-blown if you have not figured it out by then.  

Finally, the way he wrote the flashbacks for the characters was beautiful! He made the characters shone with much ferocity that made me cared for the characters and the story never falters as the story progressed with flashbacks of the characters. Therefore, Marcus Sedgwick had a great writing style! 

Now, let us move on to the characters section!


Eric: I loved Eric! He was such a well crafted character that the author had created! He was a funny, ambitious and a curious cat who lived through many lives but still had the same personalities and flaws! I do also like to say that he did many mistakes but he was quick to correct them and he was a bright character in the book. Thus, he had a great character growth throughout the book!

Melle: I loved Melle as well! She was smart, quick and thoughtful. Everything about her was just as bright as Eric and they really loved each other in each of the story. Melle was just as mysterious as a character as Eric, they both had secrets but the ending explains everything. Therefore, I loved Melle as a character in this book!

Tor: I hate him! He was selfish, not funny and evil. He ruined everything and I am glad that the ending served him well [Spoiler] [Spoiler]

Now, let us move into the overall section of the review!


I am giving this book a 95.85% rating. It was such a great book and it will always hold a place in my heart therefore, I highly recommend all of you to give this book a try!

This is the end of my spoiler-free review for Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick! I hope you all enjoyed it and follow me with your email/wordpress account to get notifications when I post a new article! Bye!

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