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My Not-Yet-October TBR

Hey Guys! It is Max here and I will be doing my October To-Be-Read Piles today! You guys may be a little confused with the title because I put it as a Not-Yet-October TBR. Well, it is NOT October yet, right? It is just the 29th of September, so I placed it that way. 

With that aside, I would like to announce something. Something extremely horrible and that is: I only read ONE book this month and that book was ‘The Ask And The Answer by Patrick Ness‘. I know guys, I am horrible but I have an explanation to why I am lacking behind of my TBRs or rather- this month’s TBR. 

The Explanation is: I have had school assignments and term exams which I cannot really handle all at once so all my reading time were spent studying and doing school assignments. So, yes. But now that my term exams are over and there are finally some ‘space’ for me to breathe, I will be reading more books than I have ever read before! Aka: in the past nine months!

So, without further ado, let us get into this TBR which I wish to tackle down next month!

1. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Image result for The Last Song book


Seventeen year-old Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially her father… until her mother decides it would be in everyone’s best interest if she spent the summer in Wilmington with him.

Ronnie’s father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story about love in its myriad forms – first love, the love between parents and children – that demonstrates, as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can, the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts… and heal them.


I recently watched the movie with my mother and guess what? I was heart-broken and my mom cried so hard when we were watching the movie. Yes! It was that good. Therefore, I am going to read this book and I have high hopes for it because the books are normally better than the movies!

2. The Gracekeepers by Kristen Logan 

Image result for The Gracekeepers


For readers of The Night Circus and Station Eleven, a lyrical and absorbing debut set in a world covered by water.

As a Gracekeeper, Callanish administers shoreside burials, laying the dead to their final resting place deep in the depths of the ocean. Alone on her island, she has exiled herself to a life of tending watery graves as penance for a long-ago mistake that still haunts her. Meanwhile, North works as a circus performer with the Excalibur, a floating troupe of acrobats, clowns, dancers, and trainers who sail from one archipelago to the next, entertaining in exchange for sustenance. 

In a world divided between those inhabiting the mainland (“landlockers”) and those who float on the sea (“damplings”), loneliness has become a way of life for North and Callanish, until a sudden storm offshore brings change to both their lives – offering them a new understanding of the world they live in and the consequences of the past, while restoring hope in an unexpected future. 

Inspired in part by Scottish myths and fairytales, The Gracekeepers tells a modern story of an irreparably changed world: one that harbors the same isolation and sadness, but also joys and marvels of our own age.


Yeah. In most of my To-Be-Read articles, I have been saying that I will be reading this book. But did I achieve my goal? No. Did I mange to read it? No. Thus, this month I am going to read this book because of how cool the concept and the cover are. 

3. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Image result for twilight book


About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, Edward was a vampire.

Second, there was a part of him—and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my blood.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

In the first book of the Twilight Saga, internationally bestselling author Stephenie Meyer introduces Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a pair of star-crossed lovers whose forbidden relationship ripens against the backdrop of small-town suspicion and a mysterious coven of vampires. This is a love story with bite.


Another book that has been on my TBR months after months. Also, a book that has caught my attention months after months but did not pick it up. Thus, I will be reading it this month and I have heard that it is very easy to read so, yes.

4. Rebels And Fools by David Michael Williams

Image result for David Michael Williams


The greatest peace treaty in Altaerran history is unraveling. As civil war threatens the Continent United, two fallen Knights of Superius are forced to join the rebels they once condemned. Hounded by assassins and assailed by doubt, they flee to Capricon in search of answers — only to discover the island harbors dark secrets of its own. 

Alongside a mostly reformed thief, a dethroned pirate king, a mysterious woman with a magical sword, and other would-be heroes, the fugitives encounter a sinister power that has taken root within the Alliance. If the Renegades and Knighthood can’t rise above their bitter rivalry, both factions — and the realm itself — are doomed. 

“Rebels and Fools” is the first volume of The Renegade Chronicles.


Thank You, David. For sending this book to me for review! 

I am going to read this book next month and Oh My Gosh, I cannot wait because of the amazing synopsis and cover so, YASSS.

5. Cadivel: The Complete Tale & A Well Of Dendelions: A Short Story by Eric Margolis

Image result for cadiveu: The Complete Tale & A Well Of Dandelions: A Short Story


The ocean rages and the winds howl as Samuel, fleeing fire to the sea, becomes tangled in a web of war, magic, and revolution as fierce as the sea itself.

The uncompromising idealist Samuel and his lazy but kindhearted brother, Owen, move in with their uncle, an ambitious man living in a magnificent medieval castle. When the brothers’ curiosity gets the best of them, they discover he plans a military coup of the town they might call home: idyllic Cadivel, by the rough edges of the sea. Samuel and Owen, a fledgling magician, are eager to stop him but find themselves powerless against his deadly magic. Yet Samuel will not give up the fight for Cadivel after meeting a beautiful girl he cannot leave behind. Though only renowned newcomers from the distant Salt Empire have the strength and resources to shift the tide of the war, Samuel possesses a quality that could save Cadivel from an even greater threat. 

Cadivel tells a story of epic scale and intimate scope: stunning landscapes, scheming politics, and fragile love. It also sings a poem about the sea and the unexpected traits it may possess in a world of magic. The fight to save Cadivel–fought by magicians and spirits, gods and men–continues in Cadivel II.


Thank you, Eric for sending this book to me for review!

I am really looking forward to read this book because the synopsis covers most of the things that I enjoy reading in books. For example, War, magic, love and more. I cannot wait to read this book and I bet it is going to be epic.

6. Desolate by Amy Miles

Image result for desolate by amy miles


A wedding massacre. An innocence stolen. Mortality stripped away. 

In a single night, everyone Roseline Dragomir has ever loved is slaughtered before her eyes. Alone in the world and bound by a solemn marriage vow to a vicious murderer, she must find a strength buried deep within her to keep going or risk completely losing herself. 

When a mysterious stranger crosses her path, Roseline will discover that not all immortals are evil. Some even bear emotional scars that run just as deep as her own. 

Will she uncover a will not just to survive…but to fight back?


I requested for this book on Netgalley months ago and have not read it yet. Therefore, I am going to read it and look at that gorgeous cover and the amazing synopsis which have me hooked! Thus (again), I can’t wait to read this book!

7. Curse of Stars by Donna Compositor

Image result for curse of stars


Sabi Perez is the last Diamond Crier, only she doesn’t know it. Not until a crazed ruler from another world comes to collect her priceless tears and won’t take no for an answer.

Living in New York, Sabi’s seen some nasty things, but the lengths to which her captor will go to keep his crown are things found only in the darkest nightmares. Afraid and alone, Sabi finds solace in her cellmate, Anya, and Cabal, a fellow Crier who also has powers, a rare combination that buys his favor from the ruler. Only it’s a favor he doesn’t want.

In a fit of rage, power erupts out of Sabi, the same power Cabal has, and a spark of hope ignites. Together they may have a chance at escape, something no other Crier has done. Except a ruler hellbent on draining them of every last diamond tear isn’t their only hurdle. If they escape they’ll be hunted to the ends of the earth, if they survive the trek to safety. If they stay the ruler will leech them dry. Sabi would rather die trying than lie down and die, even if that means running away into even more danger.


Another book that I have requested on Netgalley months ago and have not read. YET. Therefore, these books are on my top priority list to read because I need to get them done! So, yeah. 

With that aside, I would like to talk about how beautiful the cover is and how marvellously cool the synopsis sounded. (This is probably the second book that I am going to start after I finish the first book which I will speak more about later on.) 

8. The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle

Image result


A contemporary romance inspired by Christina Rossetti’s eerie, sensual poem, “Goblin Market.” Four neighbors encounter sinister enchantments and a magical path to love in a small, modern-day Puget Sound town, where a fae realm hides in the woods and waters…

Most people have no idea goblins live in the woods around the small town of Bellwater, Washington. But some are about to find out. 

Skye, a young barista and artist, falls victim to a goblin curse in the forest one winter night, rendering her depressed and silenced, unable to speak of what happened. Her older sister, Livy, is at wit’s end trying to understand what’s wrong with her. Local mechanic Kit would know, but he doesn’t talk of such things: he’s the human liaison for the goblin tribe, a job he keeps secret and never wanted, thrust on him by an ancient family contract.

Unaware of what’s happened to Skye, Kit starts dating Livy, trying to keep it casual to protect her from the attention of the goblins. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kit, Skye draws his cousin Grady into the spell through an enchanted kiss in the woods, dooming Grady and Skye both to become goblins and disappear from humankind forever.

It’s a midwinter night’s enchantment as Livy, the only one untainted by a spell, sets out to save them on a dangerous magical path of her own.


About the first book I said earlier, this is the book I am going to read first because I am intrigued by the cover and the synopsis. So, I am going to read it!

This is the end of my Not-Yet-October TBR list! I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know your October TBR down in the comment box below! Follow me with your email/wordpress account to get notifications when I post a new article! Bye!

29 thoughts on “My Not-Yet-October TBR

  1. Oh man, seeing “Twilight” on a TBR flashed me back hard to when the first movie was in theaters. I haven’t even really thought about the book since watching shmeiliarockie’s You Are Bella series a few years ago. “The Gracekeepers” looks really interesting though! I hope I’m reading this cover correctly and we are in fact getting the bear equivalent to Del Toro’s “The Shape of Water,” because if not I’m gonna be really sad.

    My TBR is pretty short, since school has been unpredictable – right now, it’s just “Be More Chill” by Ned Vizzini (or does it not count, since I’m already halfway through?) and “Wonder Woman: Warbringer” by Leigh Bardugo for my new podcast.

    Can’t wait to read your reviews of these c:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely loved The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. The is good but as usual the book is so much better. Each chapter changes between characters so get to experience the story from different points of view. I haven’t read any other books on list but they all sound great.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Out of these, I think Gracekeepers sounds the most interesting. I hope you get to enjoy your reading this month. It stinks when life gets too busy to read. I had a great month for books, but I don’t really have big plans for October. I’ll just see how it goes!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the sound of The Gracekeepers – I’ll have to add it to my neverending list of books to buy! Let me know how you like it!

    If you have time you should check out my September Wrap Up and October TBR on thebookbloglife.com

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  5. Nicholas Sparks never fails to delight his readers. I love it when his books are turned into a film. He is one author I can read his books and watch the film.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved the movie of ‘The Last Song’ – so beautiful!
    ‘Twilight’ – yes, quite easy to read. I personally had some problems with their relationship and things he felt were okay that to me were serious red flags! When I thought it was adult fiction I was fine with it and thought it an enjoyable read (I read it before the craze started), when I realised it was young adult fiction I was concerned. I didn’t like that people held up this relationship as an ideal thing. Hope you enjoy it 🙂
    Oooh ‘Rebels and Fools’ sounds interesting!
    ‘The Goblins of Bellwater’ sounds super interesting and I love that cover! I also like the idea of Goblins being the central mystical creature as this is quite unusual. Would be really interested in reading this book myself. Another one to add to my own rather large TBR list 🙂

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